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• The MMORPG experience for anime fans
• See your character fight their way through 135 levels
• Master thousands of quests on your own or with your friends

Fighters excel at melee combat. They have tirelessly steeled their bodies to attain great strength and endurance.

In battle, they use swords, bucklers, and axes to shatter their foes. Fighters will bravely take the lead when they are facing strong enemies as part of a group.

Mages are fearsome fighters. By using elemental skills, they can unleash the powers of fire, ice, and lightning on enemies at long ranges.

In a group, mages can keep opponents at bay from a distance or cast spells that affect large areas of the battleground. They wield powerful staffs and scepters.

Tricksters are known to leap into battle like berserkers. Using claws and double swords, they can slice open their enemies after confusing them with their quick hands and flashy movements.

In a group, they join the fighters at the frontline and deal high amounts of melee damage. But they are also able to surprise the enemy and cause devastation on the flanks. This makes the trickster a quick and versatile class.

Clerics are an excellent support class. Maces, hammers, and bucklers are their weapons of choice. They use the power of their faith to cast powerful healing spells.

They can also buff the abilities of their allies. They support them by curing their wounds or by bolstering their fighting ability.

Archers are highly skilled experts that fight their enemies with a large selection of bows and crossbows. They know how to collect a range of toxins from nature, with which they will inflict sickness and poison effects on their targets, making them deadly opponents.

When hunting in a group, they can take on threats from a distance or use their poisonous skills to dispose of a whole group of enemies quickly.

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Starting areas

City of Roumen

Welcome to Roumen, the colorful harbor town of Isya. This is where your fantastic journey to become a powerful adventurer starts! With the help of locals like Town Chief Roumenus, Element Helper Remi, Skill Master Ruby or Blacksmith James, you will learn the ropes quickly.